For Investors

Due to its connectivity, the U.A.E. provides investors with access to deal flow and investment partners from both the U.A.E. and the wider region.

Why are investors choosing the U.A.E.?

Burgeoning Local Startup Scene

#1 in the region in the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index

Development of innovative products and services across multiple new verticals

$100 million valuations for many U.A.E. startups

Demand for Venture Capital

Chronic shortage of venture capital funding

Impact of lower oil prices on funding availability

Attractive valuations for promising ventures

Opportunities for Investment Partnerships

Large sovereign wealth funds

Significant private wealth accumulation

Destination for regional venture capital and private equity funding

Gateway to Regional Opportunities

Strong links to other regional startup hubs

World-class transportation infrastructure and leading global airlines

Within a four-hour flight of one-third of the world’s population